Paint The Town Love

From the moment we started working with Janice and Alaina, we knew everything was going to work out perfectly for our wedding. Their personalities compliment each other and it really made it a lot of fun. We gave them pictures and ideas of what we had in mind, not knowing that those were the exact images we were going to see on our wedding day. It was absolutely perfect, and gorgeous, and they nailed every detail. 


Going above and beyond was what really set PTTP apart. They wanted to meet for lunch just to finalize details before the big day. Afterwards, they took us to the beach to show us where the ceremony was going to take place. Janice brought over Mimosas and muffins while we were getting our hair and nails done, drove all over town to three different florists for flowers to put in my hair, and went and found the perfect shade of lip gloss.These are just a few of the special touches that really was the cherry on top.


Janice and Alaina are both very flexible and agreeable which made it very easy to work with them, especially when dates and times had to be changed around. You can tell they have a passion for what they do, and they will go to extremes to make sure you have the perfect day. They are both very detail oriented which assured me they would think about everything to make our wedding day perfect. Having them as wedding planners for our destination wedding was the best decision we made, and it turned out to be an unforgettable day. We highly recommend PTTP for any party or wedding big or small, as they will make sure you have an unforgettable day as well!

Andrea S., Madison, WI

Janice and Alaina were the best thing I ever did for my wedding. They were so thorough and got me vendors that were so in tune with what I wanted my wedding to be like. My guests will be talking about my wedding for the rest of their lives. We had 350 people at our masquerade wedding, fog, professional dancers, magicians, and contact jugglers for the cocktail hour. Everything they did was so detailed and perfect. Their personalities are amazing and I wish my parents would adopt them. I'm not sad now that my wedding over because I know I will use them for any party I ever throw. They have things for every party. They did my rehearsal dinner and that was a dream come true too. They work within your budget and seriously my favorite people. I literally just showed up to appointments and said everything I liked and everything I didn't like and my night could not have gone more perfect.

Marissa W., Tampa, FL

I recently had the pleasure to work with Paint the Town Productions this past weekend and my experience was amazing. I am the owner of Shaken, not Stirred and we were hired by PTTP to bartend at a wedding that they were planning. I have been doing weddings for a couple of years now and I must say that they are some of the most calming, and enjoyable planners to work with. They went above and beyond for the client, and that was just what I saw in a 6 hour time period. I could only imagine how much time they spent planning even on their own time!

I hope to work along side them again! :)


Aaron J. M., Tampa, FL

We used Paint the Town Productions to plan and coordinate our wedding from beginning to end and they were absolutely AMAZING!! My husband and I are very indecisive and we were feeling so overwhelmed with all the decisions that come with planning a wedding. Hiring Janice and Alaina was the best decision we could have made! They made the process as stress-free as possible and they were so fun to work with. They are so organized, professional, and detail-oriented. They totally got our style and vision. Absolutely everything - from the venue, to the cake, to the photographer and more - came together to create the perfect wedding. Plus, they went above and beyond to help us stay within our budget. I would highly recommend Paint the Town Productions to anyone planning an event!ampa, FL

Rachel G., Tampa, FL

Janice and Alaina at Paint The Town Productions were AMAZING!! As soon as I met them, I was relieved already! From day 1, they were interested in everything we had visioned! They were on the ball from the very beginning. They took notes, pictures and kept me informed on everything going on, so that our big day could be OUR BIG DAY! Our rehearsal dinner ran perfectly smooth and our wedding day was Perfect! They thought of everything! It was everything we had Imagined and everything and everyone was in the perfect place! They even took pictures of everything set up on the wedding day, so that we could see afterwards! Tons of little touches that I couldn't have done by myself! They were professional, yet fun and everyone RAVED about them during and after the wedding! I coundn't have asked for anyone better! I was stress free and smiling during the whole experience and I thank PTTP for that!!! Love you girls!Tampa, FL

Nina D., Tampa, FL

I highly recommend PTTP!!

Janice and Alaina make a great pair. Janice quadruple-checked everything along the way to keep us organized, and Alaina kept the creative juices flowing. They had such great ideas for everything and they just “got it” as far as understanding our style and leading us in the right directions. I know too many brides who have said, given the chance to go back, they would’ve eloped to avoid the headaches. Not so for me – my husband and I would do this again every year if we could! The whole day was seamless—or if there were any hiccups along the way, I didn’t know about them because Janice and Alaina took care of things and left me to focus on getting ready for the biggest night of my life. Everything was PERFECT and efficient and budget-conscious and creative and memorable… I will definitely use them again if I throw any other events!

Bonnie G., Tampa, FL


My husband and I loved working with PTTP when planning our wedding. Alaina and Janice are the best! Since my family lived out of the country during the wedding planning stage, it was very important to us to have a planner that was both patient and understanding of our needs. When we found Alaina and Janice, it was a no brainer as we got 2 fabulous planners for the price of one!! The girls were super professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly creative. They were so organized and always went above and beyond to accommodate any of the crazy ideas we had! Over 2 years after our wedding, my husband and I still look back on our Big Day with fond memories. Highly recommend these talented gals for all your event planning needs!!

Courtney T., Charlotte, NC