Get To Know Alaina...

Alaina was born and raised in South Louisiana. She graduated from Nicholls State University with a degree in English and a passion for life. She loves to travel and experience new cultures, so it only seemed natural for her to move to Japan after college and teach English as a second language. After two years spent abroad, she moved back to the U.S. and settled down in Tampa, Florida. Despite being a Floridian now, she has maintained her love of Cajun food, music, and traditions. Here's a little lagniappe about Alaina:


Your dream location to plan a wedding would be:

In the courtyard of a castle in Ireland. The history and beautiful scenery would provide an amazing backdrop for a romantic wedding.


At the end of an event, how do you unwind?

It takes hours! I have so much adrenaline going that I have trouble relaxing. Ideally I would come home to a foot massage and a glass of wine.


As a kid, your mother couldn't tear you away from...

Books and Barbie dolls. I read every book I could get my hands on. As for the dolls,I have much three younger sisters, so once I was too old to play with Barbie dolls, I used them as an excuse to continue my obsession. 


When its time to take a break from planning, you book a vacation to...

The mountains! I love hiking, snowboarding, white water rafting, and camping. And I thrive in cold weather! Wait...why did I move to Florida again?


Which wedding shows are on your DVR?

Too many according to my boyfriend! Four Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress are two of my favorites. I also love My Fair Wedding with David Tutera.


Favorite Wedding Movie...

Probably My Big Fat Greek Wedding or Wedding Crashers. I like wedding comedies. I enjoy watching all the crazy chaoticness that would NEVER happen at a Paint The Town Wedding.  :)


What's the one planning tool you can't live without?

Dropbox! It makes sending and receiving documents and pictures from clients so easy. With everything all in one place, I no longer have to carry around a 10 pound binder.


Which reality show are you guilty of watching?

I love So You Think You Can Dance. That's definitely my must watch. I also enjoy a lot of the picker shows like American Pickers, Storage Wars, and Pawn Stars. I recently been addicted to Bar Rescue and Tanked.


What does your morning routine consist of?

A zombie walk to the Keurig machine, followed by about an hour spent curled up in bed doing my hair and makeup.


When you are a guest at a wedding, what do you most enjoy?

The music and dancing! There's nothing better than a great live band or DJ that can get guests on the floor and keep them there.


When it comes to your wardrobe, you can never seem to have enough...

If we are including makeup as part of my wardrobe, then eyeshadow. I am constantly looking for new shades even though I already have a matte and shimer of just about every color.


If you were a shoe you would be...

Something comfortable but still stylish, like a peep-toe wedge in a bright color.


You just finished a delicious meal. Its time for dessert. What are you craving?

I tend to go for fruit desserts over chocolate. I love creme brulee with fresh berries. And you can never go wrong with apple pie or fruit cobbler.


If a shoe addict raided your closet, she would come away with lots of...

Heels. I love heels in all shapes, styles, and colors. If I lived somewhere colder, I would probably say boots.


Its date night and you are headed out to Paint the Town. Where will you be found?

I'm a sucker for the traditional dinner and a movie. I love Tampa Theatre and Cinebistro.


You're on a retro outing to the fair. You get your tickets and make a beeline for?

The Scrambler. That's always been my favorite ride. When I was a kid, I would ride it with my dad and he would yell, "Who's driving this thing?" I would get a case of the giggles which made the ride even more enjoyable.


What's your favorite wedding tradition?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. I like when the groom goes along with this tradition as well. Sometimes the bride isn't the sentimental one.


You have had a long day. You head home and treat yourself to...

Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey. I could eat a whole pint in one sitting. (But I don't because I would turn into a chunky monkey)


What would your signature wedding cocktail be?

A Jazz Singer martini: Jim beam red stag black cherry, sweet vermouth, dash of bitters & a cherry.


When you were a kid, you always thought you would grow up to be...

A spy for the CIA. My aunt still thinks I may have actually been successful in pursuing that career. I told her she'll never really know!