Get To Know Janice...

Janice is a 1st generation Native Floridian.  Her passions in life range from family and friends, to Excel Spreadsheets and food!   She has an unnatural love of Excel Spreadsheets and makes every effort to turn every project into a one.  She also has a passion for cooking and is a self proclaimed “foodie”.  It’s no wonder why she loves the catering aspect of wedding planning.  She is a loving wife and proud mother of two boys who are her life! Here's a little more about Janice that you might not know. 





















Your dream location to plan a wedding would be:

This is a tough one.  Internationally, I think the architecture in Italy is absolutely gorgeous and would provide breathtaking pictures, and an amazing experience.  (Note: learn Italian)

If I were to choose a domestic destination, it would be California Wine Country.  The View, the Rolling hills and Wine!  Oh My!



At the end of an event, how do you unwind?

As it’s usually 11pm or 12am when I get home, the kids will be in my husband will usually have a nice bottle of Cabernet waiting for me.  We will sit and I will tell him all about the evening’s events for at least an hour.  By the time I’m done talking, the wine has kicked in and I am ready for a good night sleep.



As a kid, your mother couldn't tear you away from:

My sisters!  They are my life and much of the reason I am the way I am today.  As the youngest of 3 girls, I was always the tag-along.  I wanted to be around my sisters as much as they wanted to be rid of me.  



When it's time to take a break from planning, you book a vacation to:

Ideally, I would book a cruise to the Caribbean, or Mexico.  We took a trip recently and I am hooked!



Which wedding shows are on your DVR?

Right now, the only one I have room for is Say Yes to the Dress. 



Favorite wedding movie:

My favorite wedding movie is either Wedding Crashers or The Wedding Planner. The Wedding Planner makes me laugh because it glorifies the job we do but is only slightly similar.


What’s the one planning tool you couldn’t live without?

My iPad.  It’s the planning binder of the 21st century!  It has everything I need for the big day and then some!



Which reality show are you guilty of watching?

I love to watch cooking shows!   I think Chopped is my favorite.   It’s the Foodie in me.

Also, Alaina got me into watching So You Think You Can Dance several seasons ago.  I am not much of a dancer....heck, I have 2 left feet...but it’s fun to watch other people who have mastered the art and are amazing at it.



Your morning routine consists of:

Waking, dressing and feeding my 2 boys. Waking, feeding and dressing myself.  Attempting to make myself presentable in the 30 minutes I have before I have to take my boys to school. 



When you’re a guest at a wedding, what do you most enjoy?

I am a people-watcher at heart.  I love watching the reactions of all of the guests during the ceremony, as vows are exchanged and love is shared

OH!  and of course, CAKE!  I love sweets!



When it comes to your wardrobe you can never seem to have enough...

Tank Tops.   I think I have at least 15 of them.  I can wear them for almost every occasion. 



If you were a shoe you would be:

A flat baby doll shoe.   I would be comfortable and cute!  I have a favorite pair in my (small) collection that are leopard print. 



You’ve just finished a delicious meal but still have room for desert. What’s on your plate?

Tiramisu!  Although I hate coffee with a passion,  I am a sucker for this delicious espresso soaked dessert!



If a shoe addict raided your closet she would come away with lots of:

Disappointment.    I’m not much for shoes!  But I have started my very own purse collection. 



Its date night and you are headed out to Paint the Town. Where will you be found?

I am a foodie at heart!  My husband and I really enjoy going out to The Refinery and supporting local restaurants.  



You are on a retro outing to the local fair. You get your tickets and make a beeline for the:

The Funnel Cake Stand, of course!    I am a sucker for sweet fried dough!



Favorite wedding tradition:

The tradition I like most would have to be the the Garter Toss.  It’s great to see wedding guests get involved with the wedding proceedings.  The tradition where every inch that the garter is placed above the knee is another year of good luck to the bride and groom is so much fun to watch. 



You have had a long day. You head home and treat yourself to:

After a long day, I just want to go home to a quiet house where I can relax.  However, with 2 small boys at home...that doesn’t happen very often.  So, when they go to bed...I treat myself to some Edy’s Slow Churn Ice Cream. 



What would your signature wedding cocktail be?

I love dirty Martinis.  The Dirtier the better!  BUT it has to be made right.  The Olives would be muddled to give extra flavor.  I would call it...Olive You Madly Martini!



When you were a kid, you always thought you’d grow up to be:

When I was younger, I really wanted to be a Marine Biologist.  I had these wild dreams that I was going to live on a big boat and follow Orca whales through their migratory patterns.  (Ever since I saw the movie Free Willy!)